Skilling the youth & job creation

Elshadai has been widely involving in the improvement of sustainable wellbeing, mental, psychosocial, physical growth and development of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

skil and youth1

So far 158,905 youth received rehabilitation and technical training and most of them have secured jobs. Similarly, 6,681 youth who were victims of drug addictions and other bad habits have been rehabilitated and reunified back to their families.

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Youth take short term TVET trainings like entrepreneurship, modern agricultural practices, construction machineries operator, industrial machine operator, garment, agricultural equipment’s operator and multiple driving licenses trainings. Elshadai empowered trainees' business, technical & life skills enhanced and provided with employment opportunities.

skil and youth3

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Elshadai Kindergarten & Primary School is already begin, and we would like to inform families and students to get registered. Student please come to attend your lessons as soon as possible. 

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