Community Outreach

In almost all its programs Elshadai is much closer with the surrounding community on which it operate. Elshadai employs community service as a main tool to address the needy people. The major community services are concerned on agricultural activities, health & nutrition services, education, infrastructural facilities and other related social services. The expansion of agricultural activities at Elashadai Villages (Kalamino & Wukro) provides training to surrounding farmers on modern agricultural practices such as organic farming, dairy production, and horticulture and so on.

 Elshadai Demonstrated Modern Farming for Farmers at Awi Zone

Elshadai Demonstrated Modern Farming for Farmers at Awi Zone

Elshadai Community is Always Ready for Philanthropic Activities
Elshadai Community is Always Ready for Philanthropic Activities



Agricultural development

By established strong links with local and international development actors ERDA has contributed its fair share towards the Realization of SDG as well as national poverty reduction effort, through its different agricultural activities. The major agricultural activities are horticulture, cash crops, dairy farm, fattening, poultry and beekeeping practices. Agriculture in Elshadai (Wukro & Kalamino) is undertaken as a demonstration site for vocational training, sources of food supplement & nutritional values and as a means of income generation.

 Elshadai Poultry Farm Hawassa

Elshadai Poultry Farm Hawassa

Horticulture in Elshadai

Horticulture in Elshadai

fattening activities at Elshadai
Fattening activities at Elshadai


Health and Nutrition

Elshadai provides full fledge services for its beneficiaries. Health and nutrition is one focus area of the community outreach, providing health services as well as trainings on nutrition for ERDA family & community as well as the surrounding society.

Children and Mothers Get Extra Treatment at Elshadai

Children and Mothers Get Extra Treatment at Elshadai

Elshadai always follow the prevention health policy through extensive awareness creation modalities. Starting from personal hygiene each & every individual at Elshadai family is supposed to clean his/her surrounding area.

Elshadai Clinic Provides Health Services to ERDA Surrounding Communality

Elshadai Clinic Provides Health Services to ERDA & Surrounding Communality

Furthermore Elshadai took an initiative to mitigate public health challenges faces in the society; creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, malaria, communicable & non-communicable diseases. During the early stage of the covid-19 pandemic Elshadai prepared quarantine space for vulnerable people, who may not get family treatment or unable to have medical access.

Elshadai Ensures Overall Medical Check up of Children

Elshadai Ensures Overall Medical Check-up of Children

Skilling the youth & job creation

Elshadai has been widely involving in the improvement of sustainable wellbeing, mental, psychosocial, physical growth and development of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

skil and youth1

So far 158,905 youth received rehabilitation and technical training and most of them have secured jobs. Similarly, 6,681 youth who were victims of drug addictions and other bad habits have been rehabilitated and reunified back to their families.

skil and youth2

Youth take short term TVET trainings like entrepreneurship, modern agricultural practices, construction machineries operator, industrial machine operator, garment, agricultural equipment’s operator and multiple driving licenses trainings. Elshadai empowered trainees' business, technical & life skills enhanced and provided with employment opportunities.

skil and youth3

skil and youth4

Rehabilitation and Fighting poverty

Elshadai helps in the realization of Sustainable Development Goals that aims in eradicating poverty & improved livelihood. Towards this end not only providing basic necessities to disadvantaged children, but also helping to achieve a self-reliant, educated and active citizen.

Elshadai has strong belief on the negative impacts of begging and it has exerted maximum efforts to educate and sensitize the victims. In line with this, from 1990 to 2018 the organization has been supported beggars through various packages by involving them in productive spheres.

Beggars Back home Campaign Convoy

Beggars Back-home Campaign Convoy

Elshadai rehabilitated more than 360 thousand individuals who were living on begging and street children. Reintegrated over 4,144 farmers with their children and adults living on begging enable then back to their origin.

Streets based commercial sex workers in Addis Ababa City freed from their engagement in commercial sex and came out of the practice. Elshadai capacitated 6,000 commercial sex workers, women and girls with different skills and become competitive and their living standard enhanced.

Pioneer initiation and mobilization of Elshadai; public awareness on begging problems increased and the issue has become a front and center of the public agenda. Not only the begging issue has become a major public concern, but also a collective goodwill that transcends gender, ethnic background, religious affiliation and economic status- to find a lasting solution to this challenging problem that affects us all one way or another.

Reintegrating Beggars through Religious Leaders Community Elders Support

Reintegrating Beggars through Religious Leaders & Community Elders Support


Education Begins

Elshadai Kindergarten & Primary School is already begin, and we would like to inform families and students to get registered. Student please come to attend your lessons as soon as possible. 

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