UN Agencies Higher Officials applauded Elshadai

IMG 1592UN-OCHA East Africa Director Mr. Daniel Endris and UNHCR Program Director at Mekele Ms. Rose Mwebl extended their appreciation for Elshadai for its initiative as well as comprehensive humanitarian relief activities during their visit to Elshadai HQ kalalmino; Mekele.

After his visit and discussion with IDP families, Mr. Daniel stated that Elshadai is not collective site for IDPs but a home for the vulnerable, and expressed his gratitude on behalf of UN-OCHA.  

Mrs. Rose on the other hand said that the on-going war in Tigrai has negatively affected the people, and Elshadai has to be appreciated not only supporting IDPs but also providing protection for more than 300 Eritrean Refugees. Elshadai is practically acting as an international organization in hosting refugees, IDPs and returnees from the Midle East.

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Education Begins

Elshadai Kindergarten & Primary School is already begin, and we would like to inform families and students to get registered. Student please come to attend your lessons as soon as possible. 

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