Elshadai Relief and Development Association (ERDA)

We Bequest Development not Begging for the Coming Generation!

Over the past 32 years Elshadai Relief and Development Association has implemented various humanitarian & development activities that directly benefited 381,042 vulnerable people throughout the country.

Who is Elshadai?

Elshadai Relief and Development Association is a community-based non-governmental and non-profit making humanitarian organization initiated by Aite Yemane Woldemariam, and established with the collaboration of few donors in September 1990. The then 17 years civil war in the northern part of Ethiopia to care & support children affected. Yemane triggered to get involved after his first encounter with a body of dead women who became a victim of brutal air strikes by the Dergue regime. The women’s head was cut-off, but carrying miraculously alive baby. And Yemane took the baby, and become the first orphan to be cared in Elshadai.

The first initiation to establish ERDA was the situation of children who lost their parents as a result of the then 17 years civil war. It started by providing institutional care to 14 vulnerable children and the number has been increasing every year. However, in the last 20 years ERDA expanded its activities as well as areas of intervention to include all parts of the country. As a result it mobilized resources from government and non-governmental organizations and implemented programs that improved the lives of 381,042 individuals.

Activities & Services

ERDA have adequate experiences in managing of similar projects over the past 32 years, working in collaborated with Gov‘t and non- Govn‘t organization to support the most vulnerable part of society including children and those who were living on bagging and street children.

Child protection

Since 1990 ERDA has been providing institutional care for more than 1,100 children in its Wukro and Kallamino (Mekelle) centers, where about 900 have graduated from higher learning institutions and are serving their country.

Education and Training

ERDA has been providing Kindergarten and primary education for more than 10,000 children, since 1990, in its Wukro and Kallamino schools. These two schools provide quality education to Elshadai family children in the village as well as children coming from surrounding rural & urban communities. Over 21,842 children enrolled in school, and are obtaining the valuable education they need and deserve.

Rehabilitation and Fighting poverty

Elshadai rehabilitated more than 360 thousand individuals who were living on begging and street children.

Reintegrated over 4,144 farmers with their children and adults living on begging enable then back to their origin.

Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition is one focus area of the community outreach, providing health services as well as trainings on nutrition for ERDA family & community as well as the surrounding society.

Skilling the youth & job creation

Struggling is over with the backend because you can do everything from the frontend.

Agricultural development

Realization of SDG as well as national poverty reduction effort, through its magnificent agricultural works.

Community Outreach

Elshadai Relief and Development Association has been addressing more than 375,560 vulnerable people directly under its major programs.

Focus Area

  • Fighting Extreme Poverty
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Empower women and the youth
  • Encourage Gender Equality
  • Reduce Malnutrition & Chilled Mortality
  • Combat Public Health Treats
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  • Hosting War IDPs & Refugees
Having 32 years of experience Elshadai is still taking an extraordinary initiative to save the lives of war victims in Tigrai.
ERDA is providing unconditional and robust humanitarian support to the needy in the conflict-torn Tigrai irrespective of the blocked deliveries of aid.

Key Partners and Stakeholders

Government Institutions 

  • Labor & Social Affairs Bureau /BOLSA/
  • Finance & Economic Development Bureau
  • Women, Children & Youth Bureau
  • Education Bureau
  • Health Bureau
  • Agriculture & Rural Development Bureau
  • Disaster Protection Bureau
  • Small & Medium Enterprises Agency

Non-Governmental Organizations (International & Local)

  • Oxfam
  • IOM
  • GOAL Ethiopia
  • World Vision
  • Save the Children
  • REST


Education Begins

Elshadai Kindergarten & Primary School is already begin, and we would like to inform families and students to get registered. Student please come to attend your lessons as soon as possible. 

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